Buzz In v1.0

Welcome to Buzz In!

At Olark we have an annual holiday party called Lighting of the Redwood. This year we held our party remotely and I wanted to host a name that holiday movie game. That's where the idea for this app spawned.

This is an image based buzz in game using websockets so multiple remote people can play a game together! Currently it's loaded up with holiday movies, but you could remix this to add whatever you wanted. Animals, celebrities, you name it!

How to Play:

Just click the "Host a new game" button in the top right. You'll be directed to a new unique game. Just share that link with the players and you'll start to see them join your game. This is best played while on a video call as there's no way to answer currently in the app. Once someone buzzes in (buzz in order is shown via color in the order they are in the rainbow. e.g. red, orange, yellow, so on) and answers correctly, just click their name in the player list to add a point to their score.

Disclaimer: This is very much a work in progress so their may be bugs. It does work though!

Players: 0